“Good bye selfless world, I’m sorry Papa” lady doctor writes 8 page suicide note before committing crime

A shocking incident has come to light from Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh. A 25-year-old girl committed suicide by hanging herself after being betrayed in love. Before committing suicide, the girl shared an 8-page suicide note on her social media account in which she blamed her boyfriend for this. Police are investigating the matter.

A girl living in Pipaliya Mandi of Mandsaur district committed suicide by hanging herself in her house on Wednesday evening. The girl was doing a course in physiotherapy after doing nursing. Before committing suicide, the girl posted a four-page suicide note on Instagram, which she wrote in the name of her father and Jitendra Nagda (boyfriend). She also uploaded a photo of the young man.

Shortly before committing suicide, the girl made 3 posts on social media Instagram from an ID in the name of Dr. Ashu Artist. In one post, she wrote a 4-page letter to her father and apologized. In the second letter, she wrote a 4-page suicide note to Jitendra Nagda and accused him of betraying her in love. She wrote, “Goodbye to this nonsense world and nonsense people.” In the third post, she uploaded about 10 photos with the young man and wrote, “Goodbye my love, I sacrificed my life for you.”

According to online reports, the young woman Asha lived with her grandfather. On Wednesday evening, when the girl’s grandfather had gone to the market to buy vegetables, she committed suicide by hanging herself. Saddened by the girl’s death, the family reached Pipliyamandi on Thursday morning after the post-mortem in Mandsaur and blocked the four-lane road with the body. The family demands that the accused be arrested as soon as possible and his house be demolished.

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