Who is this fat guy with a beautiful girl- everything you wanna know about them

Ravindra Chandrashekhar and Mahalakshmi, a couple whose presence has sparked considerable discussion on various social media platforms. The special thing about this couple is that while the woman looks very slim and beautiful, the woman’s husband is four times heavier than the woman. Due to this, he has faced a considerable amount of trolling on various social media platforms. This is the second marriage of South’s famous actress Mahalakshmi, before this, she married Anil. After marriage, there were a lot of disputes between the two due to which the actress separated, but now she has found a soulmate in Ravindra.

According to media reports, both of them met during the film ‘Vidyum Varai Kathiru’. During this time, the bond between the two continued to increase. While sharing the wedding photos, the actress wrote on Instagram, ‘I consider myself lucky to have you in my life. You filled my life with your love. Love you, Ammu. After the pictures surfaced, people’s reactions also started coming. Many people congratulated this new couple on their marriage. At the same time, some cannot believe that the actress is getting married suddenly.

Commenting on this post, a user wrote, ‘Seriously…is this a promo of any serial?’ While one wrote, ‘How can this be possible?’ Another user wrote, ‘I hope this is only a movie.’ Apart from this, many people are expressing surprise after seeing these pictures.

Mahalakshmi is an accomplished actress hailing from India, with a notable presence in the film industries of Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. Ravindra Chandrashekhar is a film producer by profession. This is the second marriage of the actress and she has a son from her first marriage. The actress surprised everyone by sharing her wedding photos on Instagram. The actress has worked in films like ‘Vani Rani’, ‘Chellamay’, ‘Office’, ‘Arasi’, ‘And Thiru Mangalam’.

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