Celina Jaitly Gives Bang-on Reply To Troll Who Provoked Her For Living In Austria

Celina Jaitly is an Indian actress and former beauty queen who was born on November 24, 1981. She won the Miss India Universe title in 2001 and represented India in the Miss Universe 2001 pageant, where she finished in the top ten.

Jaitly made her acting debut in the 2003 Bollywood film “Janasheen” and went on to appear in several other Hindi films such as “Silsiilay”, “No Entry”, “Tom, Dick, and Harry”, “Golmaal Returns”, and “Thank You”. She has also worked in a few regional language films.

Apart from her acting career, Jaitly is known for her activism on various social and human rights issues. She is a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and has been vocal about her support for their rights. Jaitly is also a supporter of animal rights and has been associated with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Celina Jaitly Gives Bang-on Reply To Troll Who Provoked Her For Living In Austria

Celina Jaitly Gives A Bang-on Reply To Troll Who Provoked Her For Living In Austria

Meanwhile, Celina Jaitly made the headlines after she chipped in with a rock-solid reply to a troll who provoked her for living in Austria. In a long tweet, Celina wrote, “One of the best things that I have learnt living in Austria is living with the goal of a life in agreement with nature. While I live in a scenic historic village in the very high-altitude alpine area of central Austria I do often take trips to the bigger cities like Graz, Vienna & Salzburg for some “ME Time”.

“These historic cities have tiny, beautiful lanes that tell tales of centuries & going through them is like a journey snaking through time periods, from past into present the only drawback however is finding a place to park. While I only feel most comfortable driving all terrain SUVs One of my favourite things to do is rent this amazing two-seat electric microcar & enjoy a day of European city pleasures while feeling good about my carbon footprint (and finding the best parking spots) Austria is considered to be the environmental flagship of Europe and I have learnt so many wonderful things here. Not only have I grown so much in Austria, I regained my soul in its nature, Hence contributing to its fairyland nature and environment I feel like I am protecting my own soul. #celinajaitly #CelinaJaitley #austria #LabourDay.”

Referring to that post, one of the followers tweeted, “Lol.. Thats what called half baked knowledge. You want to live with the nature you don’t go Austria but you go to india. Living with fancy battery car, fancy shoes jackets etc.. This is western hypocrisy.”

Meanwhile, Celina replied to the tweet, “Chitaji my clothes & Shoes are Made in India…. Husband and kids are made in Austria. This is not hypocrisy it`s globalisation. PS: Dil and passport dono Hindustani.”