Cricketers and their favourite dishes, check out the list

Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of millions in India, transcending beyond just a sport to become a fervent passion that unites people across the nation. Despite their status as cricketing icons, it’s important to remember that cricketers are, at their core, human beings with diverse interests, including their culinary preferences. Fans are always intrigued by the off-field lifestyles of their beloved cricketers, and one aspect that captures their attention is the favorite food choices of these sports stars. Here’s a glimpse into the culinary delights favored by some notable cricketers, offering fans a closer connection to the personal tastes that add flavor to their idols’ lives.

Virat Kohli: A Delhi-born cricketer, Kohli is a fan of Chole Bhature, Delhi’s most famous dish. In a candid interview, he expressed his fondness for the roadside street food, Rama Chole Bhature, recommending the addition of onion-carrot chutney to enhance the experience. Despite his busy schedule, whenever Kohli finds himself back in Delhi, he doesn’t miss the chance to have something from Rama.

Rohit Sharma: Rohit Sharma’s fondness for Vada Pav is no secret. As a genuine Mumbaikar, he has openly expressed his love for this celebrated Maharashtrian breakfast. Demonstrating the true essence of a Mumbai local, Rohit Sharma’s attachment to the iconic street food, Vada Pav, highlights his authentic connection to the city. Vada Pav, a prominent street delicacy in Mumbai, features a spiced Vada (fried potato patty) nestled within fresh and flavorful Pav (bread). This dish is deeply intertwined with Mumbai’s culture and resonates with the sentiments of its people.

Sachin Tendulkar: Sachin Tendulkar’s culinary passion extends beyond just cooking; he is a true food enthusiast who delights in exploring diverse cuisines throughout the country. Among his preferred dishes is Pav Bhaji, a renowned Mumbai street food. Sachin has been spotted relishing this flavorful dish at various street food vendors, and he even expressed his love for it by sharing a picture on his social media profile.

Mohammed Shami: Mohammed Shami, a leading fast bowler for the Indian cricket team, enjoys a varied diet, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. His love for Biryani, especially Mutton Biryani, is well-known. Despite his culinary indulgences, Shami remains a dedicated fitness enthusiast, crucial for his role as a fast bowler.

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