Man opens school lunch box of his kids and shocks the internet

Lunch boxes have become a necessity for every home today. Keeping in view the needs of the people, hundreds of varieties of lunch boxes are available in the market. But have you ever thought that this lunch box is the real reason for your disease? A video is being seen on social media which is shocking everyone. Thousands of germs are present in these lunch boxes. If you also use lunch box then definitely read this article.

According to the viral video, a father opened his child’s school lunch box and found that it was completely clean inside, but when he opened it completely with the help of a screwdriver, there were thousands of small insects inside and it looked very unhygienic. The only purpose of making this video was to alert everyone that the lunch box in which you pack food can be very dangerous and unhygienic for your children’s school or your office.

Everyone may be unaware of this because this lunch box looks very clean from the outside but its inner layer contains thousands of germs and insects. By using such an unhygienic lunchbox, you can fall ill quickly and it is not at all hygienic for any person’s body.

To protect the lunch box from these dirty germs, it should be boiled in hot water so that all the dirty germs in it are destroyed. And these lunch boxes should be changed every few months because the layer inside them becomes useless. They are completely clean from the outside but similar germs grow in the inner layer.

More than 4 lakh people have watched the viral video and everyone is extremely shocked. All the users are sharing their reactions by commenting. One user writes, “Use the steel box that your mother used to give you in your childhood. In the name of double layer, thermostat, spill proof, such products have come into the market which is impossible to clean.

Another user writes, “This is parents’ fault, use good quality nonplastic tiffins..and clean them properly every time..better to keep at least 2 tiffins in rotation..”

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