“They removed our holy turban in schools” Sikh man tells how Muslims treated him in Pakistan

Everyone knows very well how brutally people of Hindu and Sikh caste are treated in Pakistan. This is not a new matter that has been heard from Pakistan. A Pakistani Sikh man told in a news interview how Pakistanis used to remove his turban in school. And how they were treated. Such cases are always heard, this is not new.

According to the viral video, the Sikh youth says, “Pakistani people used to allow their caps in the school but used to make us remove our turban. They used to say pull back your bun and remove this turban. And many times in the school Muslim children used to remove our turban jokingly. If there was a Sikh child in the class, his turban was clearly visible and then he was harassed a lot. Pakistani people behave indiscriminately with people of Hindu and Sikh caste.

A school is a place where no one is a stranger and no one is discriminated against. Children of all castes should be treated equally because everyone goes to school to get an education and not to learn discrimination against religion. But perhaps Pakistanis are not aware of the importance of education, perhaps this is also the reason for them being behind all the other countries.

A Sikh man in Pakistan has described how he was treated by Muslims and his sacred turban was removed at school. This incident not only highlights his personal experience but also raises questions about what is happening in the name of socio-cultural diversity and harmony.

More than 30 thousand people have watched this video. Many types of reactions also came forward. The only common thing in all these comments is that all the users are targeting Khalistani.

It’s disheartening to hear about instances of discrimination and mistreatment based on religion or caste. Education should indeed be a space where diversity is celebrated, and individuals are treated with respect. Such experiences underscore the importance of fostering inclusivity and tolerance in societies. It’s crucial for people to engage in open dialogue and promote understanding to build a more harmonious coexistence. Addressing such issues collectively can contribute to creating a more tolerant and accepting society for everyone.

Sweta Dagar is an avid reader and writer. She hails from Bulandshahr (U.P) where she completed her formap education. She loves exploring varieties of topics that shape the public opinion at large. If you have any queries, feel free to contact her at [email protected].