“When I grow up, I will become suicide bomber” Palestine schools teaching hatred to kids

Palestinian children are taught to hate Jews from an early age in their schools. They are effectively brainwashed by Hamas terrorists. Palestinian kids are being systematically taught to hate Jewish Israelis and to violently oppose the presence of Jews in Israel. A video of this has also been shared on social media. In which the Palestinian children themselves are speaking hateful and violent words towards the Jews.

According to online sources, the UN agency that runs education and social services for Palestinians regularly tells teachers and schools to kill Jews and creates teaching materials that glorify terrorism and encourage martyrdom. They demonize Israelis and incite anti-Semitism.

At the age when children are taught about humanity, love, and unity, they are also taught about terrorism and violence towards other countries. At this age, children think of new dreams and aims and work hard to fulfill them, but Palestinian children are being taught how to become suicide bombers and terrorists.

In the viral video, Palestinian children are showing violence and hatred towards Jews while expressing their views. “Right now, I am ready to become a suicide bomber,” he can be heard saying in the video. “With the help of Allah, I will fight for ISIS, the Islamic State.” “I’m ready to stab a Jew and run a car over them.” “We have to keep stabbing them, driving over them, and shooting them.” “Stabbing and attacking Jews brings honor to Palestinians.”

More than 1 lakh people have watched this video so far, and everyone is getting different reactions.

One user writes, “This is terrible. Is it what their religion teaches?”

Another user writes, “Teaching kids to hate other countries won’t make the globe a better place. Why spoil the lives of kids by doing all this?”

And another user writes, “Truly cruel and evil in both the subconscious and actions”.

The terrifying events of the past week are the culmination of a decades-long conflict in the disputed region of the Middle East.

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