Private chatting between Sushant and American Dancer going Viral on social media, it displays how humble he was!

Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing away has left everyone in a state of shock across the country, including his co-contestants dancer Lauren Gottlieb. Old videos and photos of the late actor are now being circulated widely on social media.

The untimely death of Sushant Singh came as a shock to many, including Lauren Gottlieb. Lauren was shocked after hearing the news of Sushant’s demise.

Meanwhile, American actress and dancer Lauren Gottlieb has shared screenshots of a conversation with late actor Sushant Singh Rajput which are becoming quite viral on the internet at the moment. 

Lauren had a great chat with Sushant Singh on WhatsApp. While sharing screenshots, Lauren wrote, “Today, I finally brought myself to look at my WhatsApp messages with Sushant over the years. I came across one conversation that broke my heart all over again, as it was filled with so much love, kindness, and true support for one another’s dreams!”

It is being said that the conversation took place between the two before the release of Sushant’s hit film “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story”. In the conversation, Lauren shared her aspirations with him where she informs him that she is ready to take big leaps in her career.

During the conversation, Sushant told her that it was difficult for him to get an entry in films as he had worked in TV serials. Sushant called himself an average looking boy with average talent who made it big only because of his strong prejudice, but Lauren did not agree with him.

Sushant said in the chat, “First you need to convince yourself and the world follows (sic).”

To encourage Lauren, Sushant then said, “If an avg. looking boy with average talent and strong prejudice can make it, trust me anything is possible.. You’ve got everything going for u,… Just have absolute certainity that’s it’s gonna happen (sic).”

When Lauren pulled his leg for being modest, he added, “I’m not being modest. I am Good only because most of the ones around are mediocre, but for me it’s a long long way to go.. (sic).”

Taking to Instagram, Lauren wrote: “I felt a deep connection with Sushant as we were both ‘outsiders’ and I looked up to him tremendously! I wanted to share this chat we had to remind everyone to walk, talk, and treat EVERYONE with this great amount of LOVE and SUPPORT as HE shared!!! I’m seeing so much hate going around. I do not want to tell anyone how to grieve, my process this week looked pretty ugly, BUT I think one of the BEST ways to honour his legacy is to BE THE BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL, LOVING LIGHT that he exuded each and every day. The world is a better place because of Sushant’s humble heart. Let’s keep sharing his magic and be kind to one another.”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death came as a shock to his fans. As soon as Lauren shared screenshots, they went viral on social media in no time. Many have started commenting on her post. One Instagram user wrote, “This really is heartbreaking. He sounds like such an amazing person (sic).

Another one wrote, “This is the most amazing way to remember him, celebrate his legacy, celebrate his life and be kind to each other yes, all the best! More power to you (sic).”

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