“From Modi to Yogi, we will convert everyone to Sikhism” Sikh man threatens

Freedom of religion is an important right and the Indian Constitution gives all citizens the right to choose their religion. With this authenticity, it is not only unethical for any person to threaten to convert someone else to their religion, but it is also against the law. Recently, a Sikh man made a controversial statement on a major social media platform, in which he said that he would “convert us all to Sikhism, from Modi to Yogi.” This statement is not only controversial, but it is also against the fundamental rights of the Indian Constitution.

In the viral video, the Sikh man says this while threatening, “We will bear the expenses; if we want to garnish everyone with ‘Singh’ then we have to enhance it, even if you stubbornly wish to do so.” Be it Yogi, Modi, or the President. All religions have their own importance. Propagation of any one religion and forcing everyone to follow that religion through threats is a kind of crime. In a way, this Sikh person is committing the same crime by promoting Sikhism and threatening to convert everyone to Sikhism.

The viral video has been shared by “punfact” on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter). More than 40 thousand people have watched this video so far. After watching this video, different reactions from people are coming out.

One user writes, “Convert the first Sardars who became Christians. “Turban on the head and cross around the neck.”

Another user said, “First, be able to support yourself.”

And another user writes “First, save yourself from Christianity”.

Sweta Dagar is an avid reader and writer. She hails from Bulandshahr (U.P) where she completed her formap education. She loves exploring varieties of topics that shape the public opinion at large. If you have any queries, feel free to contact her at [email protected].