Madhya Pradesh: Auto Rickshaw driver punished for performing stunt on road

An auto-rickshaw driver from Madhya Pradesh was caught doing stunts on the road and was punished. In Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, an autorickshaw driver found it costly to perform a dangerous stunt on a moving road. After the video of this stunt went viral on social media, the police issued a court challan against the accused and apologized after holding his ears.

This video was said to be of Harifatak Over Bridge near Mahakal Temple. In the video, the auto driver was going from Harifatak Overbridge towards Begum Bagh and then suddenly he started doing a dangerous stunt, risking the lives of other people walking on the road. The auto driver was driving the auto on two wheels. Meanwhile, A passerby following him made a video of his action on his mobile phone and made it viral on social media.

After the video went viral, when it came to the notice of Superintendent of Police Sachin Sharma, he immediately ordered police station in-charge Traffic Inspector Dilip Singh Parihar to take strict action. With the help of Assistant Head Constable Parmanand, after identifying the driver of auto MP09 RB 1323 seen in the viral video, action was taken against him and he was caught along with the auto and dragged to the police station.

The auto driver apologized while holding his ears and asked all the auto drivers not to do such stunts. He said- My court challan has been made. I have made this mistake. I apologize to the police and the general public. Those who drive e-rickshaw should not make this mistake. Otherwise, strict action will be taken against you also, as has been done against me.

Traffic station in-charge Dilip Singh Parihar said that the auto driver who did the stunt with the e-rickshaw has been taken into custody. His e-rickshaw has been confiscated. Court challan action was taken against the accused by the police. A challan has been issued against the auto driver under various sections including dangerous driving.

Action is being taken against the auto driver under section 184 181 and action has also been taken against the auto driver under the License Act, Insurance Act. The investigation found that a copy of the license and insurance was not found with the auto driver.

Ensuring road safety is a collective responsibility that falls upon each of us. Additionally, it is incumbent upon community members to report hazardous drivers to the police, thereby contributing to the overall maintenance of road safety.

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