Rapido replied after Driver sends creepy text to a Woman, read details

Rapido is a popular Indian bike taxi aggregator and logistics service provider based out of Bengaluru. It was founded in 2015 and the company runs in over 100 cities across India.

Rapido successfully expanded its operations in logistics, offering local delivery for local businesses and e-commerce companies and also drew plaudits for its exceptional services.

Meanwhile, one of the Twitter users had alleged that she was harassed by a Rapido driver with whom she shared her location via WhatsApp. She disclosed a tweet in the form of a screenshot that had inappropriate or creepy texts from the driver and the screengrab of the same has been doing the rounds on the internet.

According to the screenshot, the man told her that he arrived only upon seeing her display picture and hearing her voice. He further echoed that he wouldn’t have come otherwise in the first place.

The Twitter user by the name of ‘husnpari’ on social media expressed her anger over the matter. Meanwhile, people have also raised concern over women’s safety.

Rapido Cares replied, writing in a tweet, “Hi, it is extremely disappointing for us to learn about the captain’s lack of professionalism and we are apologetic about the same. This matter will surely be actioned upon on a priority basis. Would you please share your registered mobile number and ride ID via DM?”