Odisha Man miraculously escapes after accidentally falling between Moving train and platform

Life is unpredictable. In a world where accidents occur time and time again, it teaches us to be careful in outdoors. It takes little less than a second for those less unfortunate ones to draw their last breath at the time of an accident. If they are lucky enough to live, someone might spring into action to rescue them with all might.

In a recent incident, passenger by the name of Rajesh Talwar accidentally slipped between the moving express train and platform at Jharsuguda station in Odisha. As per the reports, Talwar deboarded the train only to buy tea.

Little did he know that train would start moving and seeing this, Talwar immediately attempted to get on the train but unluckily, slipped and got caught between the train and platform.

The incident was caught on CCTV and the man can be seen being dragged along the platform for a few seconds, gradually slipping between the train and platforms as people watch in complete shock.

Seconds after the fall, another man, at the need of the hour springs into action to help him out, but by the time, Mr Talwar was missing at the spot.

The train which continued to steer forward for a few seconds was then stopped and security personnel was deployed at the site to rescue him.

Watch the video below:

They rescued the man safely and the latter then boarded the same train and resumed his journey from where he left off. He was fortunate enough to get away with a few injuries.