In 2023, you can reach Delhi to Mumbai in just 10 hours- Thanks to Indian Railways

Railways are the second fastest mode of transport. It is also the most dependable mode of transport. Indian Railways manages the fourth-largest railway network in the world. In the latest development, if things go as per the plan, you can now reach Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Mumbai in just 10 hours by means of a superfast train.

Also, one can reach Delhi to Kolkata in just 12 hours. Thanks to Indian Railways for setting the target to amplify the maximum speed of these trains travelling on these routes to 160 kmph in a bid to cut down on travelling time between Delhi to Mumbai by 5 hours.

One can also save 5 and a half hours’ journey time between Delhi and Kolkata. Currently, the fastest trains running between the route is Rajdhani express which can operate or run at the maximum speed of 130 kmph.

These plans are among proposals that the Indian Railways has documented as a part of the 100-day agenda under the second term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government.

Indian railways now plans to invest nearly Rs 13,500 crore in improving its infrastructure in the next 4 years.

Railway Officials have now been notified to initiate instant action in the execution of these plans by August 31 and the proposals over the same have been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Other plans include obtaining cabinet sanction for a digital corridor for Indian railways with the provision of 10 MHz spectrum in 700 MHz frequency band for railways which would help to increase trains’ carrying capacity and increase overall speed and to improve operation especially during fog and improved security.

Other proposals- providing wifi at all 6,485 railway stations.

(With TOI inputs)