Ex Shark Tank Ashneer Grover banned in Indore famous food street 56 Dukan

Indore has held the esteemed title of India’s cleanest city for an impressive six consecutive years. However, Ashneer Grover is currently embroiled in a widespread protest following his remarks regarding Indore’s cleanliness. Indore’s 56 Shop Traders Association has also banned them. Unless Ashneer Grover apologizes for his statement, he will not get an entry here.

Gunjan Sharma, the President of the 56 Shop Traders Association, proudly asserts that Indore has consistently secured the top spot in the country for cleanliness for six consecutive times. This remarkable achievement is a testament to his relentless dedication and efforts. However, the remarks made by Ashneer Grover regarding the cleanliness of Indore are deeply offensive and can be seen as an affront to the residents of the city. It won’t be tolerated. Unless Ashneer Grover apologizes for his statement, he will not be given entry into 56 shops. It has been decided to restrict their entry here.

President Gunjan Sharma further says, “Ashneer Grover does not deserve that the people of Indore should respond to him. Till now he was Ashneer Grover but after the statement, he can be called an ‘Ashleel Grover’. This is how it affects the cleanliness of Indore city. His comment will not be tolerated at all. The people of Indore will not forgive him until he apologizes at the feet of mother Ahilya.”

Not only the people of Indore are condemning the statement of Ashneer Grover, but let us tell you that the statements of many senior leaders of Madhya Pradesh have also come out regarding him. They are also seen condemning his statement. The anger of the people of Indore is also justified to some extent. In the last six years, Indore has achieved the title of number one in cleanliness, and behind this is the hard work of all the sanitation workers of Indore. The people here have contributed somewhere and in such a situation, when Ashneer Grover makes such a statement, it is highly objectionable.

Indian businessman Ashneer Grover is the former co-founder and managing director (MD) of Indian fintech company BharatPe, which he co-founded with Shashwat Nakrani and Bhavik Koladia in 2018. Grover also appeared as an investor in reality TV shows. ‘Shark Tank India’.

In fact, Ashneer Grover said during a talk show at an event in Indore ‘I have heard for 3-4 years that Indore is a clean city. Bought this survey. In the cleanest, not only the packets of chips are counted but also the debris. He said that construction is going on everywhere. I don’t say that it is dirty, but if someone asks me personally, I consider Bhopal better.

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