Who is the lady with PM Modi and why her memes going viral on social media

India’s proficient hosting of the G20 summit captured the internet’s attention as images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi warmly greeting foreign dignitaries and sharing jovial moments with them went viral. But recently, pictures of a lady with PM Narendra Modi are trending a lot on social media. Not only this, all these pictures continue to be used in memes and are going viral all over social media.

The woman in the pictures with Modi is Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. She made history as the inaugural woman in this position. Serving as a member of the Chamber of Deputies since 2006, she assumed leadership of the Brothers of Italy (FdI) political party in 2014 and took on the role of President of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party in 2020.

These days, Indian PM Modi and Italian PM Giorgia Meloni are trending on social media with the MELODY hashtag. The name is the couple name given to these two, whose obvious chemistry and rapport at the G20 summit over the weekend led to a flood of memes on Indian social media.

On Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, users shared videos of Modi and Meloni’s conversation at the summit in India, which were edited to make the two nationalist leaders look like a couple. Some have received millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram.

Some clips of Modi congratulating Meloni were covered with Bollywood film songs and captions like “When you finally meet your crush”.

One compared their spirited conversation with an old clip of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel avoiding shaking hands with Modi.

Another video depicts a love triangle between Modi, Meloni, and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, in which Meloni cheats on Modi and he takes revenge by working out and doing yoga.

Indian media claimed that Meloni-Modi’s chemistry “set the internet on fire.”

The memes, which have gone viral on Twitter and other platforms, show PM Modi trying to stop Biden from flirting with other female leaders, such as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Some popular memes are: In a post shared by Modi ji on stopping Joe Biden from flirting, PM Modi is seen holding Biden’s hand and pulling him away from Meloni.

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