Elderly lady gives away her land to PM Modi, says he gave me food, home and monthly pension

A viral video depicts an elderly woman expressing her intention to gift all her land to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the video, the senior woman can be observed stating that her intention behind this gesture is to acknowledge Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commendable efforts. Her decision is based on the positive impact of his work. Additionally, she mentions that her choice is partially influenced by the challenges she has faced with her own children.

As per the provided information, the old women’s name is Bittan Devi. She hails from Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, India. Not long ago, Bittan Devi visited the office of Advocate Krishna Pratap Singh located in Mainpuri Tehsil. In a rather astonishing turn of events, Bittan Devi expressed her intention to bestow all her property upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She presently relies on her sons and daughters-in-law for assistance after losing her husband, but they apparently don’t take good care of her. Bittan Devi’s sustenance primarily relies on the government’s widow pension.

In a conversation with the individual who captured the video, Bittan Devi revealed that she receives a pension from Prime Minister Modi while lamenting that her own sons have subjected her to physical abuse. When queried about the contributions of PM Modi in her life, she expressed, “Modi provides me financial assistance, extending a monthly pension of two thousand rupees. This is why I intend to offer my 12 bighas of land as a gesture of gratitude towards Modi ji.”

Despite having three sons, seven grandkids, and three granddaughters, Bittan Devi expressed her sadness by saying that she felt completely alone. Describing her emotional state, Bittan Devi expressed a desire to pass away while carrying the weight of her grief. Despite being over 80 years old, she still lives even though she feels like dying would have been better. Nonetheless, she mentioned that her contentment with Prime Minister Modi brings her happiness and solace. Bittan Devi’s profound gratitude towards Prime Minister Modi offers her comfort.

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