Shocking! 10 youngsters gang-rape 15-year-old girl, makes a video of the incident

Humans can’t get any worse than this. In a disastrous incident that is hard to imagine, a 15-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by 10 youngsters in UP’s Bulandshahr district, in what is deemed contrary to the spirit of mankind. This disgusting scene just goes to show that how things have gone from bad to worse.

Investigation has already been carried out by the police force and they have seized and arrested two of the accused who is identified as Nitish and his brother Rohit whereas the search operation for the operation is currently underway.

Credits: Hindustan TImes via AP/File Photo

The shocking incident was reported from district’s Chacheri village on Monday when the girl along with her family members had gone to attend her cousin’s engagement ceremony. If sources are to be believed, Nitish and his brother Rohit were hired to arrange tents.

Around 8 pm, Nitish reportedly persuaded the girl to tag along with him to a temple in a nearby village. But, little did she that Nitish would take her to the wrong place where the boys were already waiting there and committed the crime.

The sources went on to add that the girl was recovered in an unconscious state from a field the next day around 5 am. The survivor’s brother filed a complaint against the ten accused. The girl accused10 youngsters of making a video of the incident. A gang rape case under the sections 363 and 376 of the IPC had been registered against Nitish and Rohit.

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