Jio launches satellite to provide internet from sky, users will get unbelievable speed

Taking a new step in the world of modern technology, Jio, a leading telecom company in India, has launched a new satellite to provide internet service from the sky. Through this new initiative, users are being promised that they will experience internet of unparalleled speeds. How will this technology work? There will be many such questions in everyone’s mind, so in this article, you will learn the answers to all the questions.

To facilitate the launch of SpaceFiber, Jio has partnered with SES to gain access to the world’s latest Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite technology. It is the only MEO constellation that allows the delivery of gigabit “fibre-like services from space”, according to Jio. Notably, this puts Jio in a position where it has access to SES’s O3b and O3b mPOWER satellites.

Jio claims that to demonstrate the power of SpaceFiber, it has initially “selected the four most remote locations in India.” These locations include Gir in Gujarat, Korba in Chhattisgarh, Nabarangpur in Odisha, and ONGC-Jorhat in Assam. It’s unclear where the service will expand to next, but given the rapid expansion of Jio Fiber and AirFiber, it shouldn’t take long to expand further. The service will provide gigabit internet through satellites, which was previously unheard of by an Indian company.

Through this new project, Jio aims to provide high-speed internet service to various states and villages. It is inspired by the Indian SuperBroadband Mission, which aims to provide internet connectivity with superior speed and quality across the country.

SpaceFiber technology distinguishes itself from JioFiber by offering a wireless alternative that eliminates the need for a conventional fixed-line broadband connection to homes. Instead, it establishes a direct link to satellites, specifically SES’s O3b and O3b mPOWER satellites. This innovative approach significantly reduces the ground infrastructure required in remote areas, simplifying the process of connecting to Internet services.

In contrast, traditional broadband fiber setups, such as Jio Fiber, entail the installation of routers, wiring, and other equipment. AirFiber, on the other hand, operates as a fixed wireless access (FWA) system, predominantly wireless but still involving the placement of an outdoor unit on customers’ rooftops or outside their residences. The AirFiber package includes indoor WiFi services at no additional cost, along with home appliances like routers and 4K smart set-top boxes.

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