Woman extremely angry for photoshopping someone else as husband, Govt reacts

We live in a digitalised world where you can easily find people with meme creating and photoshop skills portraying their excellence on the social media platform only to draw attention and to get likes, comments and shares for their creativity.

But one shouldn’t play with the emotions of the others and here is a Telangana woman who faced one terrible experience that haunted her badly. The woman, identified as Padma is absolutely livid at the government for photoshopping someone else as her husband which came out wrong.

(Photo: Twitter Screengrab | @AdithyaMarri)

According to her, she has become the scapegoat of her village following a picture of her, her husband and her child were used in an advertisement by the Telanga Govt. Unfortunately, her husband’s face was photoshopped for some unknown person in one of the ads, where the photoshop went wrong.

The Telangana government gave orders to start a serious investigation on the publicity agencies. “After ascertaining the facts, action will be initiated against the agencies if they had used the picture without proper authorisation,” the department said in an official communication.

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