What if a Human engulfs a snake, who will die? Here is the scientific answer

In contemplating the dynamic between humans and snakes, the question that arises is that if a person swallows a snake alive, then who will win in this process? Can humans might defeat this mystery, or will the snake’s venomous currents hinder us? The answer to this question was found in a video that was seen on social media.

Snakes are venomous and can contain a variety of toxins, including neurotoxins, hemotoxins, and cellular toxins. These three types of poisons are mixed, each of which has different effects. According to the viral video, if a person swallows a snake, it will pass through his esophagus and reach his stomach.

Now the snake’s skin will start burning when it comes in contact with the powerful acidic digestive juice of the stomach. The snake will respond by trying to bite the human’s stomach. If it bites, its venom will mix with the human’s blood and kill him within a few hours. But without oxygen, the snake will be able to survive in the human stomach only for 20 minutes. But in that time, human stomach acid will burn it to death, and without oxygen, it will die.

Now will the human digestive system digest this dead snake? Our digestive system will have a lot of difficulty in digesting the snake and its skeleton. However, the stomach acid will break down the venom into small particles and digest it. But the most dangerous problem in digestion is that if there is any organism in the snake’s stomach, which it might have eaten before coming into the human’s stomach, then because of that the human will have to suffer severe infection.

This can be extremely dangerous. However, swallowing a snake is a difficult task and can carry many risks. The snake’s teeth and organs inside the mouth can cause injury to a person, increasing the risk of fatal infection. Additionally, the snake may try to make its way out and may cause further injuries to the person during its attempt.

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