American Author Renee Lynn shares her photo in Sari against Burqa, asks people which one is beautiful?

American author Renee Lynn Love to Wear Indian Saree. She posted a recent post on her social media. There are 2 photos in the post, in one she is wearing an Indian saree and jewellery, while in the other she is wearing a burqa. She is asking people which one is better. Renee loves to wear Indian attire.

Who is Renee Lynn?

Renee Lynn is a public figure activist, published author, columnist, and founder of the Voice for India Project. Renee has travelled worldwide, but she keeps very attached to India and its culture. She likes the culture and dress of India very much.

Why does Renee Lynn like Hinduism?

Renee Lynn is seen appreciating India and its culture through her post. Renee believes that Indian culture is not only beautiful but it also gives high status to women. Women are considered goddesses in India. According to Renee, women in Hinduism get a chance to feel proud and respected in society. Even she herself tries to understand and adopt Hindu culture deeply.

Renee Lynn has described the Indian cloth and jewellery as better than the Islamic burqa. Renee Lynn prefers to wear Indian clothes and jewellery instead of an Islamic burqa. She says that the Hijab acts like a barrier and I don’t want to be suppressed by this restriction, so I like to wear my Indian clothes and jewellery.

According to her, women have no freedom and rights in Islam. Islam only commits a crime; therefore, Islam is oppression and Suppression. And Hinduism is liberation. Where women are given both rights and freedom.

Renee Lynn is a thoughtful person who stands firm in her words. According to her views, culture, and tradition should be important in a person’s life, and this gives women a unique place in Indian culture. Her opinions clearly show that Renee Lynn feels the influence of Hinduism’s culture with deep strength and proudly embraces it.

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