Ranu Mondal forgets the lyrics to her own popular song, catch full video

Ranu Mondal took the Bollywood by storm after she sang Lata Mangeshkar’s popular song ‘Ek pyaar ka nagma hai’ in a melodious voice from Ranaghat Railway Station in West Bengal. She became an overnight sensation after her stellar performance of the song from Shor went viral in no time on all social media platforms.

However, after attaining fame, she is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time, she forgot the lyrics to her own famous song – ‘Teri Meri Kahani’! The video is doing the rounds on social media, in which journalist Barkha Dutt can be seen asking Ranu Mondal to sing a few lines from her song that became extremely popular on the internet.

As Ranu Mondal takes the stage, we can hear the music of the song playing in the background, she then forgets the lyrics of the song and immediately says “Oh my God, I forget it (sic)”.

After the video went viral, it got 32,849 views and received a lot of hilarious comments. Earlier, she defamed her reputation by treated her fan harshly. The video of Ranu Mondal talking rudely to a woman is doing the rounds on the internet.


The least that the woman expected from Ranu Mondal was to click a selfie with her for a very beautiful moment. But Ranu Mondal was definitely not a happy woman when a fan touched her to get a selfie. “Don’t touch me, I’m a celebrity now,” Ranu Mondal reacted in an angry manner.

She also became the centre of attraction after she decided to make her look extra beautiful. Yes, Ranu took everyone by surprise after she went for a complete makeover. As soon as her pictures spread like wildfire on the internet, Twitterati started roasting Ranu left, right and centre.