Forget Jyoti Maurya, this wife with MA, LLB degrees drives taxi to support her husband

Jyoti Maurya is in the spotlight all over the country these days. What she did was a very heinous crime. But today, we have received information about a woman that will make everyone proud.

However, our social networking leaves inspirational moral stories behind and highlights stories like Jyoti Maurya in the limelight. This undoubtedly creates awareness, but it has an impact on people one way or the other, it has been seen in the case of Jyoti Maurya.

Who is Rekha Pandey?

Rekha Pandey is a resident of Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. She holds double MA and LLB degrees. Due to financial difficulties at home, she drives cabs in Uttarakhand. Her husband Mukesh Pandey is a former army officer. Due to poor health, he left the job and started driving a cab. But her health deteriorated due to which Rekha started driving a cab to support her household. Due to this, she became the first taxicab driver in Uttarakhand.

She provides cab service from Ranikhet to Haldwani. Realizing the problems at home, Rekha helped her husband by taking this decision. Initially, it was a bit challenging as there were responsibilities at home, as well as being a mother of three daughters and taking care of her husband at the same time. However, her husband’s health has improved now.

Rekha Pandey has become a role model

Rekha Pandey has become a role model for many women. She has proved that there is no difference between men and women. There is nothing a woman cannot achieve if she desires.

Rekha Pandey’s courage should be appreciated by all. And her struggle story should be spread to everyone so that everyone knows, “Where there are women like Jyoti Maurya who break the house, there is also a woman like Rekha Pandey who manages households.”

As reported by Navbharat Times, Rekha said, there should be no discrimination against women in any workplace. “Anything that men can do, women are also capable of. She should not be locked behind the main door and should fend for herself.

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