Is Jio making money unfairly?

Salil Gewali

What if a bus conductor from Delhi collects fare for Jammu Kashmir but drops you off at Panipat? You will certainly heavily come down on him, saying it is a serious crime. But why are you not shouting at the JIO mobile service provider that charges money for 1.5 GB per day through its Rs 666/- plan while it is totally unable to send even a minuscule 20 kb of data to your cellphone? The reason behind this is that the company has not been able to expand the necessary infrastructure for seamless data streaming, but it keeps on “overburdening” itself with more and more new connections.
Yes, it should be borne in mind that earlier, JIO had a special Rs 395 plan for phone calls that did not include data except for 6 GB spread over 84 days. Those clever few wanting to “save money” used to recharge their sets with only the Rs 395 plan instead of Rs 666/-. In its ads, the company never mentioned the Rs 395 plan.
But for the past some months, the JIO has “discontinued” the Rs 395 plan, and as a result, people are “compelled” to cough up Rs. 666 though they cannot use the data. Here, the main question is why did the company pull the plug on the Rs 395. Why does the company “force its customers” to sign up for the Rs 666 plan when they are not “capable of delivering” seamless data on their clients’ cell phones? Is it not a theft in broad daylight? I don’t find any difference between a pickpocket and a company that deftly snatches money from your wallets while leaving you with “empty promises”. A company should not charge money from the public for disgustingly shoddy service.

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