Husband educated and helped Wife become SDM, she starts an affair with fellow officer, files a fake case against him

A man, crying, said that he worked day and night to make his wife a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), but now she is betraying him. After acknowledging the alleged betrayal by his wife in Uttar Pradesh, a sad twist came in Alok’s true love story.

Through a video, he claims that he worked hard day and night to elevate his wife to the position of SDM, but now she has broken their relationship with another officer from the same state. Alok Maurya has accused his SDM wife Jyoti Maurya of these allegations. According to Alok, they faced financial difficulties after their marriage, but he made considerable efforts to ensure that his wife could complete her education.

In Prayagraj, he helped her gain admission to a prestigious coaching facility, and in 2016, with his determination and commitment, she became a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). They also had twin daughters. Jyoti met Manish Dubey, a young man, on Facebook, who is the District Commandant Home Guard in Ghaziabad. Their friendship deepened day by day, to the extent that they were having an affair. According to Alok, he witnessed Jyoti and Manish engaging in an illicit relationship in a hotel room in Lucknow. Upon learning about her infidelity, Alok fought bravely to save his marriage. Alok stated that Jyoti also filed a false dowry case against him, which resulted in his imprisonment. It is said that Alok is currently out on bail but has lost his job. Alok has told that Jyoti used to extort money illegally.

Alok revealed that despite spending many years and resources on his wife’s education and witnessing her success as an SDM, he is now alone, jobless, and in a dreadful place. Meanwhile, Alok stated that if he doesn’t peacefully divorce his wife, he is receiving death threats. He claimed that the police and government are not supporting him either. The husband, who claims to have worked hard to elevate his wife to the position of Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), is now devastated because it is alleged that he has been betrayed by an officer from the same state. These allegations have been made by a person named Alok Maurya against his SDM wife Jyoti Maurya.

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