Fan asks what’s your boyfriend’s name, Kriti Sanon gives a quick reply

Kriti Sanon, the star of Raabta, is also a fantastic actress who continues to grow and enthral her fans with her films. This young lady is also recognized for her height; she stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and is one of the tallest actresses.

Kriti Sanon was a bright student in her school and college days. The Raabta actress holds an Electronics and Communication Engineering degree from the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology in Noida.

She preferred to be on the screen as it makes her feel more comfortable. She secured 90% in the 12th board exams. The beauty and acting skills of Kriti Sanon are well-known. She got popularity due to her attractiveness and, more importantly, her way of acting. 

Fan asks what's your boyfriend's name, Kriti Sanon gives a quick reply

Kriti Sanon reacts to a fan asking the name of her boyfriend

In the social media world, people have often expressed their freedom of speech by coming up with comments. At times, those comments turn out to be a tad sensitive which is not too easy for the celebrities to handle.

At the same time, celebrities have given epic replies to the haters who crossed their limits in the statements that they are making. Recently, one of the netizens asked Bollywood actress, Kriti Sanon about the name of her boyfriend.

The incident happened when the actress hosted a live interactive session on the Instagram platform. One of her followers boldly asked the actress about the name of her boyfriend. “What’s your bf name?”

The question caught the attention of Kriti Sanon as she decided to chip in with an epic reply. “That’s a secret…even to me,” she was heard saying before she laughed, during the Ask Me Anything session on Instagram.

Fan asks what's your boyfriend's name, Kriti Sanon gives a quick reply

Not long ago, when widespread rumours of her engagement went viral, the actress came up with a cryptic message along with a clip of Oprah Winfrey.

“Expecting people to do what you would do in a situation only leads to your disappointment, not theirs. They are going on with their life. So let people be who they are and either you accept it or you don’t,” it read.