Suniel Shetty Indirectly Replied To Byju’s Decision To Fire 2,500 Employees, Read Details

India has produced notable billionaires even as family businesses have passed down from generation to generation. India has witnessed an increase in the number of billionaires in the last couple of years.

There are as many as 131 billionaires in India. Many industrialists have reported a drastic jump in their wealth. Even during this coronavirus crisis, billionaires in India managed to grab their position firmly.

In an era with booming entrepreneurship success stories, success is often measured by the value one has in terms of money. The success, however, is years of hard work and toil that get people where they are today.

Byju Raveendran – the founder of edtech unicorn BYJU’s and India’s second-youngest billionaire. The 39-year-old entrepreneur who debuted in the Forbes Billionaires List in 2020 has made truckloads of money through the learning portal “BYJU’s”.

Meanwhile, Byju’s made up its mind to fire workers in the next six months from several departments in a bid to turn a profit by March 2023.

On LinkedIn, the veteran actor by the name of Suniel Shetty expressed his wish for people to actually believe that the company’s choice was not made lightly!

Without even naming the company in the first place, the actor wrote, “A recent article about a company laying off 2500 of its employees, was a tough one to swallow. Times 4, that’s 10000 lives affected. I’d like to think that this wasn’t an easy decision to make. Praying that the impacted ones are able to get back on their feet at the earliest.”

He further added, “While valuations and fundraising activity saw a sharp rise over the last few years, it is now clear that of late the global sentiment has turned somewhat conservative.”

“I continue to believe in the India story. Among other factors, our population and its aspirations still present good businesses with a huge opportunity to continue their growth, even if it’s at a slower rate than earlier,” he added.

“If you’re not seeing growth, switch to a survival mindset. Even if it means just hitting salaries & basic profits. The opportunities will return if you stay alive. Find your course – it’s easy to be pressured into a direction based on what we see around us. Identify a pace that suits your story. Don’t be in a rush to scale. Think long-term. Think sprint vs marathon. Think Rahul Dravid. Stable & slow is just as great,” he wrote.