“Yes, I am pure vegetarian, I don’t feel the need for nonveg,” Vidyut Jammwal

Recently a video of Mr. Faisu and Vidyut Jammwal was seen on social media in which the topic of protein and body fitness is being discussed. Faisu asks Vidyut a question in response to which Vidyut gives a savage reply due to which Faisu is unable to say anything further. This video is going viral on social media and Netizens are also trolling Faisu.

According to the viral video, Faisu and Vidyut are traveling in a car and Faisu is driving. Faisu asks Vidyut, you are a complete vegetarian, you do not feel tough in bodybuilding, if you have to increase the amount of protein in bodybuilding, then how will you increase it? As I am a non-vegetarian, I will increase my intake of chicken and eggs to increase my protein. But how do you do it?

Vidyut gives a very savage reply to this and says, ‘The horse is a vegetarian but its body is good, the elephant is a vegetarian, and yet it is so big, the deer is so agile and the deer is a vegetarian. Only people have complicated that so many grams of protein. Eat 18 eggs to get this much protein intake. Leave it aside brother, try hard for once. After this Faisu does not answer anything and with this the video ends.

Vidyut Jammwal is an Indian Hindi actor. He is known for his roles in action films. He is also a stunt artist and trained martial artist. Vidyut Jammwal is a pure vegetarian. Mr. Faisu aka Faisal Shaikh is one of the fastest rising personalities who started his career at TikTok and has come a long way today. He recently participated in KKK12 and is ruling JDJ10. He has worked with many Bollywood celebrities like Rohit Shetty, Madhuri Dixit, Ranveer Singh, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, and Saif Ali.

The viral video has been shared by an Instagram user named scrollwithprince. The viral video has received 16 million views and 8 lakh likes. After watching the video, netizens trolled Faisu a lot and flooded comments expressing their views.

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