Comedian Sunil Pal is virtually depressed Munawwar Faruqui’s fans hurl obscene words

Indian comedian, actor, and voice actor, and the winner of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge on STAR One, Sunil Pal bursts out in the latest trending video where he reacts to the troll comments on social media.

Not long ago, Munawwar Faruqui won the show Lock-Up, hosted by Kangana Ranawat and his fans have started to take digs at every personality who has critiqued Munawwar on the show. One of the personalities who fell prey to online hate was comedian Sunil Pal.

Sunil while taking a stand for himself. rebukes the haters for hurling abuse on his social media account. He says that this act not only reflects on their character but also their family upbringing. They are hopeless to their family and this society. In anger, Sunil says he wants to manifold the number of abuses thrown at him and convey it to their parents for birthing such notorious children.

Sunil Pal sends Emotional message

Sunil says those who disrespect his work while praising another comedian for substandard comedy have no ethical grounds. They are such people who feed off their mother’s hard-earned daily bread and have no jobs other than to bring people down. They bring shame to their community, to their religion, and are “good for nothing”.

Sunil says he has accumulated the support of 98% of his audience who love him and appreciate him but they do not react to such obscene comments, simply because it is not worth the time. While the other 2% symbolizes those illiterate individuals who create fake accounts to get back at people and hide behind the screen. “Your soul is dead because you do not respect senior artists.”, says Sunil.

Sunil says he loves his work to such an extent that he worships it: his stage his God and his audience, his parents. Now, his hater’s tactics do not affect him anymore, he won’t give up and stands his ground. He will always praise good comedy and criticize bad comedy. He also says he won’t be mentally harassed by such unruly words and will keep doing his work, making people laugh.