Viral video: Artist sketches a girl sitting at Delhi metro, but He got into big trouble because they mistook him for an eve teaser

In recent times, most viral videos are the ones involving surprise, a shocked reaction from a stranger, or prank videos. Artists who are also content creators have found a new way to showcase their talent by making sketches of strangers in a park, in a subway, or a street cafe and then perplexing them with the piece of art.

in other parts of the country, these gestures are welcome and people are kind to each other. But in India, such things are unlikely, and we must ward off strangers in an attempt to be unassailable from snatchers, robbers, catcallers, and so on. And such videos can create a lot of trouble for the creator if he is not interacting with the right set of people.

Such an incident posted by blogger Ajay Meena showed how sketching inside the Delhi metro went completely wrong and the artist must have had to pay a bigger price if he didn’t act right at that moment.

Mr. Vinay, a sketch artist from India, makes portraits and sketches of strangers without them even realizing it. He followed a woman inside Delhi Metro who was going to become the inspiration for his next sketch. He kept drawing and in minutes the portrait was ready. Little did he know that the woman wasn’t aware of it and was feeling uncomfortable by the constant ogling. She felt unsafe and harassed inside the metro.

Upon reaching her destination, she got down the tube and Vinay started calling her from behind. Unable to take it and realize what is happening she burst out, scolding Vinay regarding indecent behavior. A man from behind emerged to take her support and tried to take Vinay to the police.

After a lot of pleading and finally showing them the piece and getting his social media verified by the two people, Vinay was relieved. The woman and the man both apologized for misunderstanding his true intentions and appreciated his artistic skills. the story ended on a happy note, thus saving Vinay from big trouble. Watch the video below..