Husband is in Jail for killing his wife, Wife found alive living with her ‘lover’

There are several things happening in the world that people are unaware of. Women are getting pregnant before marriage and are having affairs with multiple men behind the scenes. Now get ready to hear about a bizarre incident that happened in Bihar.

Husband is in jail for killing his wife but here comes the plot twist. His wife was found alive living with her lover. Yes, you read it right! In what comes as a strange incident, police traced a woman from Jalandhar, living with her boyfriend, who was “declared dead” in Bihar.

Husband is in Jail for killing his wife, Wife found alive living with her 'lover'

Meanwhile, the shocking part is that the husband of the woman was serving the punishment behind the bars after the woman’s father had accused him of murdering her.

The woman, by the name of Shanti Devi, married Dinesh Ram (a resident of Laxmipur) on June 14, 2016. Just years after marriage, she allegedly ran away from her husband’s home and then lived with her paramour in Punjab.

After the woman went missing, her family members approached the cops and accused the husband of “dowry harassment”. The woman’s family members also alleged that he had murdered her. Talking about the complaint of the victim’s kin, police detained Dinesh and the latter was sent to jail on murder charges.

Meanwhile, Shanti’s father, Yogendra Yadav told police, “My daughter married Dinesh Ram in 2016 but on April 19, I received information that she was nowhere to be found. I went to her in-laws’ house and checked but in vain. Last year, my daughter was tortured for dowry as her in-laws had demanded a motorbike and Rs 50,000 cash.”

He then lodged an FIR against Dinesh, after which he was arrested. Nonetheless, things took a sudden turn when the Station House Officer urged the technical team to trace the mobile phone location of the woman.

With the assistance of technical surveillance, the police department learnt that the woman, who was declared dead, was, in fact, living with her lover in the Jalandhar district of Punjab.