Meet IPS Nimish Agrawal who fearlessly busts rackets, gangs of criminals in Indore

There is always a clamour of middle-class students in India for getting into an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). They leave no stone unturned to materialise it. It requires months of toil and dedication to clear its entrance test- IIT JEE- considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country. Before they hardly wave goodbye to their school life, Indian teenagers spend sleepless nights making their dreams come true.

Story of IPS Nimish Agrawal

Following is the story of an IPS officer who is amongst the fewest police officers in the country to have graduated from the IIT in mechanical engineering. Before joining the Indian police service in 2010, he had secured the first rank in the Indian Forest Service exam a year earlier. Upon assuming a probationary post during his training, he served in several cities of Madhya Pradesh, prior to playing a crucial role in the Indore police which is undoubtedly burdened with challenges.

Born and brought up in the city of Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh, IPS Nimish Agrawal served in several cities of Madhya Pradesh in different positions such as heading the Indore crime branch for some two years, the job majorly dealt with serious crimes that may cover murder, extortion, narcotics, and drug-related misdeeds, crimes pertaining to underworld gangs and organized groups. It also took care of the criminals indulged in felonies committed online or cyber crimes in general terms. In March 2024, he was promoted to Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Indore (rural).

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Exclusively talking to The Youth, IPS Agrawal expounds on why policing is the best service in our society. “The inseparable essence of policing is to serve others. It gives us an opportunity to bring a smile to the victims’ faces and provide them with immediate relief. A great many people, who fall prey to offences such as blackmailing, regularly pay a visit to us and we try to best serve their hopes and expectations for their quick relief,” he said.

Further divulging his views on career choices, the IIT Kanpur alumnus says that during school life a student aspires to work in multinational companies. Their goal, however, alters when they grow up and experience issues developing around them. Many of us gradually find out that civil services are a medium that offers us a chance to serve society in an entirely different way.

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In the commissionerate system which recently came into effect in Indore, IPS Agrawal holds the post of deputy commissioner of police (DCP), which is equivalent to the rank of superintendent of police (SP) in the duel command system.

When asked if the life of an IPS officer is different from what is depicted in Bollywood movies, he said that movies are made with dissimilar philosophies (to garner views at the box office). In basic policing, on the other hand, legal remedies are given to each case. The non-glamorous ingredients of policing such as building up cases, follow-ups, prosecuting them etc are often not added to movies.

IPS Agrawal further sheds light on police-public interaction and possible reasons why we often come across instances of cops’ misbehaviour towards their own citizens. The factors vary from personal to institutional components. Many cops are overworked and it, at large, reflects in their duty when they consequently lose an empathetic outlook. After the commissionerate system came into effect, the roles and responsibilities of the personnel are to be clearly defined which will yield a positive outcome and lead to ideal policing.

The IPS officer is known for his bold and quick decisions to pulverize the ill-intention of criminals and reduce crimes in the city. Recently many active notorious gangs and cricket betting rackets were busted by the crime branch under his leadership.

The Youth strongly believes in fostering the morale of such civil servants to the highest degree possible in order to bring about a change in the Indian society. An embedded link to the interview, available in Hindi only, is attached below.

Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.