10 youth icons who are an inspiration to millions, let’s promote them

Youths are frequently considered to represent a country’s face. Every year on the 12th of August, the globe celebrates International Youth Day. It is mostly held to raise attention to a global concern. To raise awareness of the problems that others suffer as a result of a lack of facilities. This day is particularly noteworthy because young children are taught how to make a difference.

The overall theme of the event is youth and mental health. Even though it is 2021, mental health is no longer a taboo subject, it is still spoken about in hushed tones and as something that may pull a person’s image down in front of others.

The United Nations General Assembly designated August 12th to be International Youth Day in 1999. The day is used to honour men and women from all across the world who have achieved success.

The following is a list of Indians who taught people that the sky is the limit, not age:

Neeraj Chopra – India’s 1st Olympic Gold Medalist In Track & Field

10 youth icons who are an inspiration to millions, let's promote them

There are a lot of tweets about him on social media. He’s already the national crush, with 100 ladies gushing on him every ten minutes on Twitter. But that’s not all; he’ll be the first Indian field athlete to win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

His tale has also influenced many young people in India. Neeraj was an obese child, and his family forced him to exercise in order to maintain his health. While he was on the ground, he noticed others throwing javelins, which piqued his curiosity. He’s gone from being the fat one to becoming “the one” for the country.

Abhijita Gupta – World’s youngest Author

Abhijita is the youngest novelist in the world. He published her novel while she was just seven years old. Her book, ‘Happiness All Around,’ is aimed mostly at youngsters. She writes about the good things she experiences and observes in her life, as well as anything else that makes her happy. Short tales and poetry are included in the collection. The tiny author hails from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Tathagat Avatar Tulsi – India’s Youngest Ph.D. holder

I used to think that passing ISC was a challenging task. On the other side, we have Tathagata, a genius. He received his diploma at the age of 12 and completed his Ph.D. programme at the age of 22. Even at the age of 23, some of us struggle to figure out what we should do next. He was named the youngest Ph.D. holder in India in 2009.

His thesis was titled “Generalization of the Quantum Search Algorithm,” and he was also featured in the New York Times Magazine as “Superteen.”

Kadapala Rithvika Sri – Youngest Indian To Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

At the age of nine, this young rock star conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro. She became Asia’s youngest female climber when she reached Gilman Point, which is 5681 metres above sea level.

In February 2021, I climbed one of her summits, 19340 feet. Her father is a Special Olympics cricket coach, and he was her guide during the climb.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano that is also known as the world’s tallest standing peak. She was able to climb it, and climbers who complete it successfully receive a certificate.

Arham Om Talsania – World’s youngest programmer

A 6-year-old Gujarati kid has set the record for the world’s youngest computer coder. In November of 2020, he received this tag. Since clearing the ‘Python Programming Language,’ his name has been added to the Guinness Book Of World Records.

His father is a software engineer who began teaching him to code with his tablets when he was two years old. That piqued Arham’s attention, and he went on to pursue a career in that sector. Arhan now has a plethora of credentials to back up his well-deserved position. Arham stated that he wants to be an entrepreneur and create applications and software while also assisting those in need.

 Ayesha Aziz – India’s Youngest Female Pilot

At the age of 15, Ayesha received her student pilot’s licence. The young girls from Mumbai, Maharashtra, also became India’s youngest female pilot to fly an aircraft across the country.

During her two-month NASA training, she met her hero, Sunita Williams. She also met the first female pilot who held a private pilot’s licence.

Kashmiri women, she added, are modernising at their own speed. And not long after she stated that, a Kashmiri woman pilot became the first female pilot to join the Indian Air Force.

Hasan Safin – India’s Youngest IPS Officer

Hasan comes from a tiny hamlet in Gujarat’s interior. He comes from a diamond-mining family. In 2018, she took the UPSC test and received a perfect score of 570. As a result, in December 2019, he was appointed to the position of assistant superintendent of police for the district.

Despite the fact that he had to overcome several obstacles in order to realise his ambitions, he succeeded. And in the end, he found it to be totally worthwhile.

Mayank Pratap Singh – Youngest Judge In The Country

Mayank is from the Rajasthani city of Jaipur. He is widely regarded as India’s youngest judge. He took the RJS test in 2019 when he was only 21 years old. He also received the highest score in the exam. Mayank never used WhatsApp or Facebook, and he never went to a tutoring session for extra help with his studies.

Ridhima Pandey – Environment activist

Ridhima Pandey, a 12-year-old young girl from Uttarakhand, is the environmental activist. Among the 16 adolescents that filed a legal case with the United Nations in order to bring fast climate change to the attention of the world’s leaders. Many of the people who filed complaints were between the ages of 8 and 17, and ridhima was one among them. Ridhima has been interested in the environment since she was a child. She became the Indian Greta Thunberg by raising her voice against global warming.