3 Times When Women Taught A Life Lesson To Men In Public, Read Details

Mumbai woman thrashes Railway clerk as he tried to steal her phone

In a shocking incident which was recorded in Mumbai, a railway clerk tried to steal a woman’s mobile phone and what happened next is the biggest twist.

A woman bought a train ticket from the booking counter at the Mumbai Central Railway Station and after booking, she left her phone there by mistake.

When she got back to the same counter where she forgot her mobile phone, the clerk allegedly said that there was no phone there.

Times Of India quoted a Western Railway (WR) official as saying, “A woman forgot her mobile at the booking counter at 6 pm. When she returned and asked the operator the clerk denied having seen the mobile.”

After not being convinced by the clerk’s response, the woman with her friend strayed into the booking office and then looked around for a while and identified her mobile phone cover which was lying under the booking clerk’s seat. She boldly took the next step by checking the clerk’s pockets and happened to find her phone there.

3 Times When Women Taught A Life Lesson To Men In Public, Read Details

As per the Times Of India, the woman left the place temporarily and then returned with other women commuters to confront the clerk whose name is Manoj Jaiswal. She recorded a video of her beating up the clerk left, right and centre, accusing him of stealing the mobile but the clerk does not seem to respond. The video went viral on social media before it was taken down.

Though the woman did not file an official complaint against Manoj Jaiswal, rather she made up her mind to settle the matters in her own hands.

As per the reports, Jaiswal was suspended based on a report by the deputy station superintendent (commercial) and booking in charge.

Bank Manager banged badly by woman after he asks sex in return for loan

In what was a shocking incident, a bank manager in Karnataka’s Davanagere district was banged badly by a woman for allegedly asking her for sex in return for a loan that she had applied for. The bank always trusts its customers and the woman confidently applied for a loan but little did she know that the manager would ask for sexual favours in return for the loan.

The manager, identified as Devaiyya and was appointed at DHFL loan agency in Davanagere. As per the reports, Devaiyya had allegedly asked the woman, who applied for a loan of Rs 2 lakh, to have sex with him in return for sanctioning her loan.

Annoyed by Devaiyya’s gesture, the woman thrashed him badly with a cane in broad daylight. As you can see in the video, when Devaiyya held the cane, the woman started kicking, thrashing and slapping him, holding him by his collar.

The woman took the fight to an extreme level as she picked up her slippers to beat the man in full public view while the passers-by stood and watched as well as recorded the video of the incident.

Watch the video below:

Pakistani Woman cuts off would-be rapist’s penis as he tried to rape her at home

In what comes as shocking news, a Pakistani woman chopped a man’s penis as the latter tried to attack the woman inside the home. The woman accused the man of trying to rape her according to police.

The 25-year-old woman carried a knife in order to defend herself from the attack of a man who stormed her house in the central province of Punjab, police official Mohamed Ilyas added in a statement.

The woman also told police that she was alone at home when the man broke in and tried to rape her. The woman quickly ran to the kitchen and then grabbed a knife and cut off his penis when he again tried to attack her, police official Ilyas said, citing the woman’s account.

3 Times When Women Taught A Life Lesson To Men In Public, Read Details

The 28-year-old man was being treated at the nearby local hospital in the city of Faisalabad and will be interrogated once his health condition improves, Ilyas added.

It should be noted over hundreds of women are raped in Pakistan every year, but those who commit the sin are rarely punished because of poor laws and complicated procedures for prosecution, as per Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

In fact, many women keep mum and decline to file a police report to avoid being identified and shamed by country’s conservative society, advocacy group Aurat Foundation added.

“It is a painful situation. Often victims are blamed both by the legal system and the society,” women’s rights activist Farzana Bari said.