Surjan Singh Bhandari was shot in his head ,Comatose for 600 days and sacrificed for Nation’s peace

A Tribute to the Legend

Bullet shot him in his head and made him unconscious. After being Comatose for 600 days, he lost the greatest battle of his life on 19th May 2004. Mr. Surjan Singh extolled from Gochar, a North Indian state of Uttarakhand.

N.S.G. Commando Late Mr. Surjan Singh Bhandari flushed out terrorists, who killed 39 civilians, in an operation from the Akshardham Temple complex during an Attack on 24th September 2002.

This man was fighting his Last battle, when whole India was busy in guessing who will be the next PM (Ms. Sonia Gandhi or Mr. Manmohan Singh) where in the hype of Political Drama the news of the brave soldier was Lost like a needle in a stack.

Source: Wikipedia

It was available somewhere in the middle page of newspaper, which was the reward for his bravery of saving many lives and lost his.

All 24×7 running news channels failed in showcasing the news of this man’s sacrifice but were busy in showing the repeat telecasts of Political melodrama.

Bhandari was awarded the “Kirti Chakra”, India’s 2nd highest Gallantry award by Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India.

Besides his family members, who were desperately waiting for the boy to open his eyes but he didn’t, he had only one thing which accompanied him till the last moment was the “TIRANGA”, our national flag, for which he took an oath for its security when he joined the force and sacrificed his life as promised to mother Nation. Two brothers of this deceased commando are also in armed forces. This is how the smell of our Nation speaks proudly.

We don’t think, that we do not get this comfortable life for free. There are many sacrificing stories of sweat and blood, so that we can sleep in peace in our homes and they actually tells us the meaning of bravery. They stay away from their homes and loved ones , and fight for the nation with all their courage and passion, larger than life.

Words are short in the Gratitude of the brave man.

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