Muslims have issued Fatwa, given death threats to me over my cloths: Reveals Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed’s provocative remarks keep her in the news at times, while her fashion style draws people’s attention at other times.

Urfi Javed was recently ridiculed mercilessly for wearing a bra at the Mumbai airport. Urfi’s fashion taste and style were questioned by netizens, who labelled it a PR ploy. Urfi then clarified, saying if she simply wanted exposure, she would have gone to the airport without clothing, while also expressing her annoyance that people speak about her outfits instead of talking about her.

Urfi recently told Aaj Tak that she has received multiple death threats for dressing up the way she wants to because she is a muslim. She claims that she is frequently urged to dress in a burqa and hijab. They, on the other hand, are unconcerned. She claims that if they want to issue a fatwa, they must go ahead and do so; she would dress in such attire.

She claims that by responding, she is being threatened with rape and death, despite the fact that she has done no harm to anyone. Urfi claims that she has enraged the entire muslim community and asked to convert to another faith.

Urfi said,

“There is an image about Muslim women that they should be in hijab. When those people see me wearing a bikini, they are very upset. The whole community is angry with me. I am Muslim and I am proud. I am a girl and live according to my own will, so should I change my religion? People keep telling me to change religion. No matter what happens, I am not going to change religion. Anyway, I believe in humanity more than religion.”

Urfi has recently exited Bigg Boss’ OTT house. Urfi says she expects to become a social media personality as soon as she walks out the door.

“I am very amazing. Bigg Boss may not have seen this quality of mine, but the world has come to know that I am very entertaining. Now it is the loss of Bigg Boss. Although the people of the world have understood and it is very good for me.”