In Bhopal, Panipuri man fed 50 thousand golgappas for free; Said – nothing is bigger than a daughter in life

On August 17, Anokh was born at the home of Anchal Gupta, who resides on Kolar Road. 

People in Bhopal continued watching as the father celebrated the birth of his daughter in such a unique way. When the daughter arrived in the house after a boy, the father shared his joy with the house, family, and neighbours. On the occasion of the birth of his daughter, he fed 50 thousand Panipuri to the residents of Kolar at no cost. Ten stalls were set up for the duration of the event, which lasted five hours. People queued to eat panipuri as part of this one-of-a-kind father’s day celebration.

He had planned to commemorate the birth of his daughter in a special way even before she was born. He also wanted to convey the idea that there is no greater joy in life than having a daughter.

On the advice of his wife and family, he decided to make panipuri free for a day. Customers who came to the business on Sunday, September 12 from 1 to 6 p.m. were given complimentary panipuri. Ten booths were set up so that more people could enjoy free Panipuri. His family and friends were there for him throughout the ordeal. He served the folks 50 thousand panipuri in five hours. For this, a separate arrangement was established. Outside the business, a tent had been erected.

The circle told that after marriage, he had put his daughter’s wish in front of God. The first son was born, but after two years, the cry of the daughter also resonated at home. God listened to his wish, so he decided to celebrate this happiness with everyone.

According to reports, Panipuri has been feeding people in Kolar for the past 14 years. Around 5,000 people sell Panipuri on a typical day. People often compliment his Panipuri. The delight of a daughter’s birth was multiplied by sharing it with our customers and community.