‘Ek baar dikha de bus’: Mohammad Mohfiz used to ask his daughters to show private parts on video calls, sent to jail

Mohfiz, who attempted to rape and rape his daughters in Begusarai, Bihar, was sentenced to prison after appearing in court. This was confirmed by the local sheriff’s office. According to a police officer named Mohammad, a case was filed against Mohfiz by his daughter, and he was detained and sent to jail.

Shubham Bhardwaj, the state co-convenor of the Bajrang Dal, who spoke up for the victims in the case, also informed them of the arrest and stated that the victim had submitted her testimony in court. Shubham had previously stated that this case had been filed based on the girl’s complaint under sections 376, 377, and the POCSO Act.

Mohammad Mohfiz had been accused of raping one of his young children and attempted to rape two other minor daughters in a comprehensive report. Mohfiz, who had been working in Dubai for several years, would conduct indecent activities in front of his children through video chats and then sexually assault them when he returned home.

His eldest daughter, Salma (name changed), informed us that she will reach 18 in a few months, but her father has been abusing her since she was 12-13 years old. Mohfiz, according to Salma, has had 2-3 affairs with her, and her sisters, 14-year-old Nagma (name changed) and 12-year-old Farheen (name changed), have been naked in front of him many times.  Her father used to try to molest her by putting his hand in her clothing.

The victim stated that they had originally complained to their mother about their father’s conduct, but the mother believed that the girls were misinterpreting the father’s caress. However, when the situation became increasingly serious, the girls presented the evidence to their equally astounded mother. Mother spoke to her husband about it, but instead of listening to her, Mohfiz began arguing with her. Following this, despite much outcry, Mohfiz attempted to murder his wife one day. When she did survive, however, she was given the incorrect therapy and was murdered.

Since her mother’s death, Mohfiz had been pressuring Salma into marriage and keeping her imprisoned in the house.  The daughters finally told their grandma everything one day, albeit reluctantly. Nani told his maternal uncle about it, and as he raised his voice, Mohfiz accused him of false charges, brandishing a gun in his hand.

After that, on September 16, the girls found their way to the Bajrang Dal, where Shubham Bhardwaj took the initiative to seek justice for them. The girls claim that Bajrang Dal provided them with a great deal of assistance. She went to the police station with him and filed a complaint against her father. Following this, Mohfiz was apprehended.

As proof, certain indecent films of the accused Mohfiz have surfaced. He may be seen in one of these movies requesting his daughters to reveal private parts on a video chat. He may be heard saying ‘Ek baar dikha de bus’ in the footage.

It’s worth noting that Bajrang Dal has asked for the case to be heard as soon as possible. At the same time, in addition to providing financial assistance to the daughters, the district administration has sought an investigation into their mother’s murder and the complaint filed against their maternal uncle.