Decree to wear burqa issued in girls hostel, girls said Sharia law is not tolerated, stone pelted at the gate

An order has been issued in a girls dormitory in Bhagalpur, Bihar, requiring women from minority communities to wear burqas. The students expressed their dissatisfaction with the hostel superintendent’s decision to require them to wear burqas on campus. They caused quite a commotion in the hostel and claimed that Sharia law will not be implemented in the hostel.

Not only that, but the female students also threw stones at the hostel’s gate. According to a pupil, the superintendent bullies the female students whenever they wear trousers. They also mislead their parents into believing that they converse with the boys.

Wearing a burqa in Bihar during the hot season, according to a researcher student, is very challenging. As a result, they occasionally come to work in slacks and t-shirts.

The superintend has recently scolded and reprimanded a female pupil when she saw her in her pants. After getting information about the event, the Nath Nagar circle officer arrived at the girl’s hostel with a police unit and handled the situation.

The supervisor of the hostel, on the other hand, has refuted the charges brought against her by the female students. The problem has now been brought to the attention of the District Education Officer. The statements of the girl pupils and the superintendent have been taken, according to the circle officer. The situation is currently being examined.