“I want to live in India not USA, please allow me”, American Tourist appeals to High Court

Everyone is well aware of the coronavirus outbreak which has spread across the globe. By far, the virus has affected over 12.5 million people globally and the global death toll has risen to at least 5.6 lakh.

Dark clouds loomed large over the United States after 3.24 million coronavirus cases have been confirmed while about 136,720 Americans have died from the infection in the country so far.

Meanwhile, a United States citizen approached the state High Court in order to extend his stay in India. The 74-year-old US citizen wants to spend more days in India saying there’s chaos in his home country due to COVID-19 adding that people there don’t care about coronavirus.

Johnny Pierce, who has been staying in Kerala’s Kochi from the past 5 months, says he is very impressed with the way India is tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to stay here. I’m making a petition to allow me to stay for another 180 days in Kerala and get a business visa to start a travel company here. I wish my family could also come here. I am very impressed with what’s happening here,” Pierce told ANI saying that people in the US don’t care about COVID-19.

India is making all necessary efforts to contain the virus. Yet, the number of coronavirus cases is constantly growing each day. This US citizen praises India for taking significant steps to curb the spread of Covid-19. Pierce wants to stay for another 180 days in Kerala and start a travel company just because India is doing a better job to bring the situation under control than the U.S. Pierce also wants his family to join him in India, “I wish my family could also come here,” he said.

In India alone, the confirmed positive cases of coronavirus have surpassed 8.2 lakh so far, making India the world’s third worst-hit country by the deadly virus infection, while at least 22,171 people have died in the country from the infection. Thankfully 517,954 people have recovered from the deadly outbreak so far.

However, India is ranked 1st in terms of recovery rate of coronavirus patients. The recovery rate of patients in India has improved to 62.7% — the highest so far.

In a way, India has got the highest percentage of the recovery rate of Covid-19 patients in the world. When the first lockdown started, then the recovery rate was around 7.1%. The recovery rate during the second lockdown was 11.42%, which further rose to 26.59%, according to the data released by the ministry of home.

It should be noticed that India has so far reported a healthy recovery rate and low death rate compared to the other countries in the world.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.