These people did CRAZY things in life and stunned everyone with their antics

Will you marry a pillow? Take some time to imagine if you could ever take this decision? We’ll leave it to your imagination. However, probably for the first time ever, a South Korean fell in love with a pillow and got married to it. It indeed sounds unbelievable and crazy at the same.

Well, he won’t have to spend too much money on the pillow. He is now living a happy life. It is a strange story about a man identified as Lee Jin Gyu who seriously married a pillow which he named as Fate Testarossa. Even the Korean media made a full coverage of his wedding with an anime character on a pillow.


Many people found this love story strange like how can a man love an object and live with it for the rest of his life? While others even doubted that it might just be a publicity stunt. Lee Jin Gyu since then has backed himself over the subject of these criticisms.

He added several times that he is really madly in love with the pillow Fate Testarossa. Lee named his ‘dakimura’ (kind of large, huggable pillow from Japan) after the character on it. It has been said that Fate is a character from an anime series named Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

Ever since he bought the pillow, he started loving it to the core. In fact, he is even having a date with ‘Fate’ in malls, amusement, public parks and wherever places he goes, he takes Fate with him. Isn’t it really amusing? “My love for Fate is unchangeable, but I will take more time to think about our marriage”, said Lee before marrying Fate.

The wedding ceremony happened in a church, and their marriage garnered a lot of mixed reactions from the public.

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Kerala Man pays a record 31 lakh for a ‘Number Plate’ of his brand new Car

KS Balagopal, a Thiruvananthapuram-based businessman stunned everyone by paying a staggering Rs 31 lakh for an ‘exclusive number plate’ for his brand new luxurious Porsche 718 Boxster convertible sports car. What’s interesting in the number plate.

His new number plate reads ‘KL-01-CK-01’ which he bought at an auction by the RTO. It has been said that the number cost him Rs 30 lakh and an additional Rs 1 lakh that he paid for reserving the number.

Car owners who made headlines for doing 'crazy' things, details inside
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As per a report in Times Of India, Balagopal was locked in a ‘bidding contest’ with NRI Shine Yousef. The report adds that Shine Yousef had bid Rs 25,00,500 but quit after Balagopal made a surge to Rs 30 lakh in the next call.

His bid was the most by anyone who has ever paid at the ‘Thiruvananthapuram RTO’ for a registration plate. Interestingly, in 2017, he paid Rs 19 lakh for the number ‘KL-01-CB-01’ for his Toyota Land Cruiser luxury SUV.

Indian guy gets his right leg tattooed with Mia Khalifa’s face

Mia Khalifa, also known as Mia Callista is enjoying the new role of sports activities commentator. She is also a webcam mannequin. The Lebanese-American social media character shot to prominence in January 2014 when she entered the grownup film and by December 2014 she was topping the charts of online adult websites.

She was plying her trade as a bartender and a part-time mannequin when she was first approached for a career in grownup films. In an interview, she admitted that her modelling profession was just for 3 months. She quit the grownup film business in 2015. Needless to say, she continued working as a webcam woman.

Besides working as a webcam woman, she also runs a YouTube channel and is a sports activities commentator. She commonly makes use of her social media platforms to promote merchandise and numerous manufacturers, like different influencers.

In today’s world, getting tattooed is a popular practice, but it is not a simple option. For our own Bollywood celebs, the narrative is the same. Although some of these choices were regrettable, the majority of them were noteworthy.

Despite the fact that the notion of tattoos is controversial, fans are still making it a habit of getting their idols tattooed on their body. Meanwhile, one of the fans went a step ahead by getting the tattoo of former adult star Mia Khalifa. The incident has gone viral on the internet.

An Indian tattoo artist with an Instagram page by the name of ‘tattoo_artist_01’ uploaded the video on his account.

The video caught the attention of Mia Khalifa as she wrote, “Please say sike. This is terrible.” However, the fan wrote, “Thank you so much Mia Khalifa and Instagram friends for (4 million) views.”