Sushant Singh had shared a list of ’50 dreams’ with his fans, catch full details

The entire nation is finding it really hard to believe that the extremely talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput left all of us. He was only 34 years old and still had plenty more things to achieve or fulfil in his life and now we lost such a gem of a person and it is heartbreaking to all of us that we won’t be able to see him anymore.

His rise to fame is obvious with the kind of blockbuster movies he delivered. The 34-year-old, who made a name in the Hindi film industry with films like Kai Po Che, Ms Dhoni The Untold Story, Sonchiriya and more, made a list of 50 dreams that he wanted to fulfill. The star could have easily ruled Bollywood but took the decision of ending his life by hanging from the ceiling of his apartment in Bandra.

Credits: CNN

This shocking incident happened on Sunday. His death by suicide was because he was going through mental bouts of depression. Though the reason was still unclear, the whole nation has been indicting nepotism for the death of this extremely talented actor.

In September 2019, Sushant Singh had shared a list of 50 dreams that he planned on doing in the years to come.

“My 50 DREAMS & counting…! ?

1. Learn how to Fly a Plane


2. Train for IronMan triathlon


3. Play a Cricket Match left-handed


4. Learn Morse Code _.. 5. Help kids learn about Space.


6. Play tennis with a Champion


7. Do a Four Clap


Push-Up ! (1/6) …

8. Chart trajectories of Moon, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn for a week
9. Dive in a Blue-hole
10. Perform the Double-Slit experiment
11. Plant 1000 Trees
12. Spend an evening in my Delhi College of Engineering hostel
13. Send


KIDS for workshops in ISRO/ NASA
14. Meditate in Kailash

15. Play Poker with a Champ
16. Write a Book
17. Visit CERN
18. Paint aurora borealis
19. Attend another NASA workshop
20. 6 pack abs in 6 months
21. Swim in Cenotes
22. Teach Coding to visually impaired
23. Spend a Week in a Jungle
24. Understand Vedic Astrology
25. Disneyland

26. Visit LIGO.


27. Raise a horse


28. Learn at least 10 Dance forms


29. Work for Free Education


30. Explore Andromeda with a Powerful Telescope


31. Learn KRIYA Yoga


32. Visit Antarctica


33. Help train Women in Self-defense


34. Shoot an Active Volcano


Learn how to Farm
36. Teach dance to kids
37. Be an Ambidextrous Archer
38. Finish reading the entire Resnick – Halliday physics book
39. Understand Polynesian astronomy
40. Learn Guitar Chords of my fav. 50 songs
41. Play Chess with a Champion
42. Own a Lamborghini

43 Visit St.Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna
44 Perform experiments of Cymatics
45 Help prepare students for Indian Defence Forces
46 Make a documentary on Swami Vivekananda
47 Learn to Surf
48 Work in AI & exponential
49 Learn Capoeira
50 Travel through Europe by train,” Sushant Singh tweeted.

When he learned to fly- Dream 1/50