Celebs who used some harsh words to hurt other actors, read details

Kangana Ranaut said that ‘needy’ outsiders like Taapsee don’t support her in the fight against nepotism. Recently, in an interview with CNN-News18, Taapsee Pannu echoed that Kangana Ranaut called her names in the past also but what really hurts her the most is when people harm the good reputation of her journey.

“One thing that I have maintained in all my interviews consistently, from the beginning till now, since the time that this insider-outsider debate has started, is the fact that I am a very proud outsider. Right or wrong, good or bad, success or failure, it is my journey. But here, what irked me and I felt like speaking up, was the fact that I was getting discredited,” Taapsee added.

Celebs who used some harsh words to hurt other actors, read details

“My hard-earned success or A-grade, B-grade, whatever it is, was credited to either movie mafia or the fact she has achieved what she achieved and because of her struggles, I am at the place I am. That is what really shook me up,” she added.

Taapsee went on to add saying that she is a distinction holder while also adding that she didn’t even get any grade on ger final year marksheet. “I am a distinction holder, I don’t know which grade I qualify for. I didn’t even get any grade on my final year marksheet but yes, I am a distinction holder, if that answers anything.”

Previously, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, Taapsee Pannu criticised Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel for discrediting her journey.

In an exclusive interview with India Today Television, Taapsee talked about the ongoing insider vs outsider debate. “I have been perplexed for the last few months seeing people calling me out when I have only nice things to say about her and others. You can have your opinion, I can have mine.

My opinion not matching yours doesn’t make me wrong. The hypocrisy was exposed when you yourself are fighting for outsiders and simultaneously pulling down other outsiders. Which side are you on? You are using this opportunity to settle some personal scores. You are fighting against harassment and bullying, but in the same breath how can you bully others. That’s kind of wrong.

Let’s together stand against harassment. Yes, outsiders are discriminated against, I never said that they aren’t, but I refuse to be bitter about it. We have been discriminated against by the people in the industry, by the media and by the audience too. It takes us years and years to get that opening figure that a star kid gets in the beginning. We are all in this ecosystem together. We all are responsible for this,” she concluded.

When Sonam Kapoor insulted Aishwarya Rai in Public with ‘shocking comment’

Be it controversial, light or dark, Bollywood celebrities are always in the limelight. Recently, the celebrities in the Bollywood film industry have often come under fire for their antics and thus they were roasted by the fans across all social media platforms.

At times, fights tend to happen between celebrities as well. Meanwhile, the Nepotism barbie Sonam Kapoor is known for making controversial and dark statements. What’s really horrible is the fact that she made statements against other actresses.

Bollywood industry has largely been influenced by people who haven’t heir link-ups in the industry. The so-called star kids of already established ones are already in the headlines for all the reasons and are allowed to stay there despite their success or failure.

This led to several users trolling the nepotism barbie and some even criticised her for being Anil Kapoor’s daughter, an identity without which she would not have made it big in the film industry.

Earlier, in an interview with a Fashion magazine, Sonam Kapoor said: “Indian men don’t understand fashion unless they are gay.”

Sonam called Aishwarya Rai ‘aunty’ in public

The unexpected incident happened in the year 2009 when Sonam Kapoor was named as the face of an international beauty brand L’Oreal. This did not go down well with Aishwarya Rai who was already the popular brand’s face for many years who seemed to have expressed her lack of satisfaction at the same.

When Sonam Kapoor was asked about the same, the actress had said, “Aishwarya is an aunty from another generation.” When the media reporters had asked for clarification, Sonam stated, “Ash has worked with my dad, so I have to call her Aunty na?”

Sonam Kapoor openly tells Parineeti Chopra “Don’t Wear Tight Clothes”

We have come across people shaming or trolling every second person for their posts on social media. Be it right or wrong reason, some people still find a reason to troll them. From body shaming to talking about their skin colour, it has been a never-ending story.

Our true nationality is mankind. No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion. People learn to hate and if they can learn to hate, they can also be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

Several female Bollywood celebrities have been on the receiving end of body-shaming trolls. Nonetheless, there are some celebrities who hit out at the body shamers by coming up with bold statements.

Sonam Kapoor tells Parineeti Chopra "Not to Wear Tight Clothes"
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Parineeti Chopra was often criticised for her weight. She took to Instagram and uploaded a plump photo of her with a long caption. “All my life, I have struggled with how I look, how I feel, and how people looked at me. I was constantly made fun of, but the person I was, I generously laughed with them.

Today, many people ask me what triggered the weight loss, did I give into the “Bollywood pressure”? To that I say – Thank God I became an actor and had that pressure! I can achieve what I couldn’t achieve otherwise.

I feel confident, I feel at peace, and I feel proud! Girls and women meet me all around the world, at airports, events, on the street; they hold my hand, hug me, and tell me their struggles and how I changed their lives.”

Meanwhile, nepotism material Sonam Kapoor advised Parineeti Chopra not to wear tight clothes. Karan Johar had asked Sonam Kapoor to give fashion advice to the following celebrities that he named. To which, Sonam Kapoor was ready to have a go at Parineeti Chopra. Sonam said: “Don’t wear those tight clothes.”