54-yr-old mom looks younger than her Son, check out her diet secrets, details here

Liu Yelin of China has been one of the trending women on social media for some time now. The reasons behind she trending across the social media platforms will certainly leave you shell shocked and will make you feel jealous, especially if you’re woman very particular about health, diet and maintenance.

Picture Source: Bored Panda

The lady you’re watching in the picture above is Liu Yelin. She’s damn pretty isn’t it? Her grace can catch the attention of anyone from miles of distance. But guess who is that person holding her in the picture. Boy Friend? No! Brother? Not at all! Husband? Forget it!

Its her son in the picture catching her! I know it will take some time for anyone to sink in this harsh reality and accept it, but trust me, this lad is her son. “Whenever I went shopping and told people my real age, I often got mobbed by strangers who wanted to find out my secrets. People are often shocked to find out I’m almost 54,” says Yelin, who currently is 54 years of age.

What could be the secret behind her unbelievable maintenance? She says its all because of regular exercises like swimming, yoga etc and she claims that she has been training vigorously since three decades to ensure her beauty doesn’t fade away.

“I swim in the lake and do weight training every day,” she said. “My favorite thing is swimming outdoors in winter.” Last year, she swam from the shores of Penang, Malaysia to the Strait of Malacca – that’s a whopping 7.45 miles in just 4 hours. Defying all the odds, she is making people go absolutely mad and currently she has around 68k followers on a Chinese Social Media website by the name Wiebo.

Well, that’s a personal choice to do everything possible to look beautiful no matter how old you are, but for all those women who feel it necessary to maintain their body well, she is perfect role model.