List of shameless couples who had Sex in Vehicles

53-yr-old US Millionaire puts his Private Jet on Autopilot mode to have Sex with 15-yr-old girl

A 53-year-old millionaire identified as Stephen Bradley Mell is in big trouble for trying something really unwanted in his private jet. He can face a five-year jail term after he confessed having sex with a 15-year-old girl while flying his private jet.

How did he do it and that too while flying? He managed to put his jet in autopilot mode so that he could have sex with the teenage girl. The incident happened in July 2017.


Hailing from Bedminster, New Jersey, Mell then pleaded guilty to federal charges of involving in interstate travel to engage in ‘illicit sexual conduct’ and receiving child pornography in December 2018.

Interestingly, he has a helipad at his residence and not just that, he has lots of private jets. He also runs a charitable fund. The married man who has three children already, started communicating with the teenager through text messages and Snapchat in 2017, as per the court documents obtained by the Bridgewater Courier News.

It all started when the teenager’s mother had introduced her to Mell for flying lessons, as reported by Daily Mail. They both later exchanged phone numbers and therefore, interaction between Mell and the teenager turned to be sexual when Mell asked the girl ‘if she knew how to perform oral sex’.

He then invited her to spend time alone with him at his Bedminster home. He also told the minor girl to get birth control, ‘please get the IUD’, he texted her.

Before his sentencing, Mell’s legal team mentioned that he was a ‘humble man’ who was on multiple anti-depressants after falling into depression. After this incident, Mell’s wife filed for divorce.

Couple caught having sex in Train compartment, CCTV footage leaked

In a shocking incident, a couple was caught having sex in an empty train carriage, CCTV footage of the incident got leaked somehow and it is going viral on the internet.

The couple was reportedly in the late-night train from Glasgow to Edinburgh and it when the CCTV caught them having a go in the train compartment.
As per the reports, ScotRail chiefs ensured to work with the police to find the couple.

Credits: Twitter

“This is shocking behaviour for people to be engaging in on a train.It’s clear the couple were so drunk they weren’t aware of what was going on round about them,” The Sun quotes a passenger as saying.

Another one reportedly said, “What if a family with young kids had walked into the carriage or any elderly person. It outrageous that they think this is acceptable or funny.”

Yet another one who got annoyed by this act said, “Couldn’t they have just waited until they got home.”

The Sun’s page has the video in it and in the video, the couple can be seen kissing before taking off each others’ pants and lying down on the table.

Talking about the nasty public act which is not acceptable by any means, a ScotRail spokesperson reportedly wrote, “Anti-social behaviour has no place on Scotland’s Railway, and we will continue to work with the British Transport Police to clamp down on unacceptable conduct.”

In case you didn’t know: Foreign couple spotted having Sex on a Railway platform, Video goes viral

In a shocking and rare incident, a young foreign couple is said to have indulged in sexual intercourse, in broad daylight on a Railway platform in New York. The video is doing the rounds on all social media platforms.

The ‘shameless’ couple’s act is deemed contrary to the spirit of human values as they indulged in sex on station platform even as horrified commuters watched in shock. The incident happened somewhere in downtown Manhattan.

The video footage has been shared by Daily Mail on its official website. The video clip has been shot from behind the doors of a closing train. As per the website, ‘police sources suspect that one of the two may be homeless and which is why they didn’t hesitate to cross the limit.

This shocking incident has given citizens in New York a concrete reason to complain about the state of the transit system.

The unidentified New York couple, if spotted again could be charged with public indecency and obscenity and produced in court.

Here’s the video: