Pakistan pervert asks British girl to send nudes, she makes the conversation viral

Those days, when there were no basic internet amenities, people met each other in the close circle but didn’t have the opportunity to see new faces who were elsewhere in the world. However, with evolving technology, we are stumbling upon new faces online these days and that’s how things have changed now.

In fact, technology is one of the basic mediums to connect these days and communication is becoming very convenient. For example- Social media. It allows us to interact with people from different fields and different part of the world. The best part is we become friends easily with new people.

On the dark side, some people have faced a terrible experience. One such conversation was recorded and made viral by a British lady called Kelly who ran through an ordeal with a Pakistan guy from Karachi called Nisar Ahmed.

The latter had sent her a friend request and then started chatting with her. He quickly stooped to the lowest level asking her nude pictures with an aim to masturbate live with her but the lady calmly came up with witty one-liners to shut him once and for all.

Annoyed by the girl’s sarcastic replies, Nisar Ahmed blocked her on Facebook. The conversation is attached below.

We urge you to be very careful before you make love or text someone on social media. It is also advisable to meet in person. We do not intend to say that every person is flawed but it is always advised to take precautions before the damage occurs.