Pak exposed: F16 Manufacturer says “Pakistan is spreading lies, we haven’t made any claim”

Pakistan is losing respect from all over the world in the wake of the events that happened in the recent days and the fact that they are making up stories on their own only to fool their own nationals by spreading lies just goes to show that they have totally lost the plot mostly by its own doing.

F-16 maker Lockheed Martin has entered the scene by making some serious claims. However, an American aerospace and defence major gave a mouth shutting reply to a top Pakistan government official’s statement that India was about to be sued over the shooting down of the Pak Air Force’s F-16 fighter plane by Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

Danyal Gilani who is a top-ranking Pakistani civil servant and the Chairman of the country’s Censor Board and the director of the Pak Information Minister’s Office, had recently issued a statement on Twitter (now it is deleted), where he claimed, “F-16 manufacturer Lockheed Martin to file lawsuit against false Indian claims & expresses annoyance over the factually incorrect claim of shooting down of Pakistan’s F-16 by IAF. Says all F-16s on Pakistani inventory are well counted for.”

After making such a statement, he deleted it on Twitter.

Basically, two things that Pakistan denied we need to know:

Pakistan government reckoned that it had found a strong supporter in its attempt to deny the statements that it had sent F-16 fighter jets into India, in violation of the terms under which it acquired them (to be effectively used only on Pakistan’s Western front) and to deny that India had shot one of its fighter jets down.

Lockheed Martin India responded to the tweet by the Pakistani officer, ignoring him in the best possible way.

To make up the embarrassment in a face-saving situation, the Pak government official attempted to put the blame on a report he had been reckless enought to not validate. Time and again, Pakistan denied that its F-16 wasn’t shot down by India’s MIG-21 Bison piloted by Wing Commander Abhinandan.

Needless to say, India attached undeniable evidence of Pakistan deploying F-16s, identifying some remains of AMRAAM missile that had been fired in Pak’s attack which can only be fitted into an F-16, as well as by finding out that the electronic signature of the F-16 when it made its entry to Indian airspace on Wednesday.

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