3 incredible poker wins

Like any exciting game, the game of poker has many good winning stories. As its popularity has increased through the years and poker tournaments have aired on television, poker is probably counted as the most iconic card game. And it holds stories of some incredible poker wins over the years. It is played in several different settings, for example at home with friends, in casinos, at big tournaments, or online, which perhaps have become the current most popular form of casino playing.Online casinos are always available through apps and websites on your devices and allow for more freedom in the games. People often test out online casinos and practice their skills as some of the big shots of poker have done in preparation for their incredible win.

Poker as a full-time job?

Many poker fans are inspired by the story about Andrew Badecker, who started his poker journey in a quite normal manner. He enjoyed a game of poker with his friend and quickly found out he was good with cards. He is said to have then started playing at online casinos. This is where he experiences something new, he surprisingly was beaten by his opponents! Badecker then decided to research some more and improve his skills for the pro-players.  

3 incredible poker wins
3 incredible poker wins

He divided his time between his job, school, and poker, and devoted many hours to developing his skills. This played off and he decided to go all in.

According to some websites, the poker fanatic gave up his job and quit his studies to play poker full-time. In 2010 he is said to have earned $70, 000 on seven tournaments, and his winnings the following year reached a whopping $800,000. Andrew has now racked up a total of $1,933,180 in winnings as of May 2019. 

Poker Winner at 19 

that Anette Obrestad is the name of the woman who won $836,000 between September 2006 and February 2007. She started playing at a young age under the name “Anette_15” and has since explained the importance of paying attention to the other players after she won a $4 buy-in, 180-person competition where she only looked at her cards once. She is now the youngest person ever to win a World Series of Poker bracelet. After winning the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event only one day before she turned 19 in 2007.  

One of the best 

Looking at Tom Dwan, we can see a great example of a regular man who is new to poker, win big after practicing. We all know that celebrities like to visit casinos for fun, but other people study the game intensely to win the big prizes. Tom Dan dropped out of school to become a full-time poker player at 17. He began playing poker in 2004 with only a $50 bankroll and had a slow start to his career. However, this would turn and after four years he had won over $5,4 million and is now a major name in the poker industry.  

There are many great success stories, it is also important to remember that gambling is very risky, and it is important to seek help if you experience addiction.  

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