Finally revealed- How frauds steal your money from ATM- full incident inside

Stealing money from ATMs are getting sophisticated day by day. People with a criminal mindset are finding jaw-dropping techniques to steal money from the machine in just a matter of seconds. It’s not so easy to break the ATM or steal the entire machine because the bank authorities have their own kind of security systems such as Security Alarms, CCTV Surveillance and Security Guard.

You might be wondering how they are stealing money when you are having the card and its details. But in reality, it’s a different story altogether. As you can see in the video, the man is explaining how the robbers steal money from your bank accounts behind the scenes.

According to the man, robbers install a device on the section where we insert the ATM card. This will make note of the numbers including the 16 digit code, CVV, card expiry and so on. Then the stealers place a pre-installed camera over the ATM keyboard so that it tracks our finger movements so easily.

Thereby, it would be easy for them to track the 4 digit pin what we are to type there and after getting all the details, they make a fake ATM card which is of the exact as your card.  This is how people steal money from your bank accounts.

Watch the video to get a better clarity of the information:

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