‘Maulana’ attacks woman activist on live TV, Gets arrested by dabang police officers

Yesterday in a shocking incident, during a live debate on the news channel ‘Zee Hindustan’, a panelist Maulana Ejaz Arshad Qasmi attacked his co – panelist Farah Faiz – a woman advocate, who is fighting the case against ‘triple talaq’ in the Supreme Court. Qasmi got arrested by the Police from Zee Media’s office after a case was registered by the channel, in this regard. It all started, when Farah argued that the practice of triple talaq is not in accordance with Quran.

She had said, “The practice of talaq-e-bidat without proper conciliation violates the basic right of every Muslim woman to live with dignity adding that Muslim women have become victims of gender discrimination in the absence of proper codified rules governing marriage, divorce and maintenance. The Holy Quran is in mandatory language. It is not an advise. If we are adopting one procedure for marriage, why can’t we have one procedure for talaq also ?”

Farah, a Supreme Court lawyer and one of the parties to the case against triple talaq, had given the same argument in the court as well. She heads an NGO named ‘Muslim Women’s Quest for Equality’ which works in Uttar Pradesh, and has also been nominated as the honorary ‘national president’ of the ‘Rashtrawadi Muslim Mahila Sangh’. She has alleged, that Muslim clerics are running a parallel judicial system or islamic ‘kangaroo courts’.

“The clerics were forcing Muslims not to go to the courts. What the Personal Law Board is doing (is) giving significance to triple talaq and nikaah halala which are not written in the Quran. The AIMPLB (All India Muslim Personal Law Board) is not even a legal entity, it is just an NGO. They have a misleading name which has for years misguided both the Muslims and the Indian government,” says Farah.

While Zee Media group has condemned the incident, there was a huge uproar on Twitter as well. People largely condemned the violence against a woman, by the Maulana. The Youth strongly supports Farah Faiz, in her endeavor against the discriminatory practice of triple talaq, which is being continued in the name of religion. Strict action must be taken against the Maulana, for his shameful act.

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